Tom Fisher


‚ÄčTom Fisher is a quality/sustainability professional with over 25 years of experience in organizational improvement applying sustainability principles.  He has helped multiple companies, their customers and their suppliers adapt to new requirements and trends by emphasizing simplicity and common sense.  Tom has led 4 companies to ISO registration and improved supplier performance in each case.  He is an experienced quality/supplier auditor with over 250 supplier quality audits performed.  Tom has considerable experience integrating sustainability principles with quality systems.  

Tom has also marketed and sold commodities such as metallurgical coal, thermal coal, industrial minerals and scrap steel for 7 years, developing an acute understanding for organizational needs and the ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships. He has experience in pharmaceutical, chemical, steel and OEM manufacturing.  He has a BS in Biology and Chemistry and a MS in Industrial Microbiology.  Additional competencies include sustainable development, contract management, quality planning, supplier certification, environmental and safety assessments and design of management systems.