Ms. Ludewig implemented export control compliance programs, evaluated division risk and coordinated export compliance program managers across 20 US business units for Caterpillar.  She also led improvement initiatives for the uptake of corporate compliance by improving the support model and served as lead facilitator for integration of corporate compliance initiatives at the division level.  Pat completed a division compliance risk evaluation across multiple enterprise compliance risks that served as the basis for prioritization of recommendations to the divisions. Ms. Ludewig has guided improvement projects that enabled environmental compliance associated with facilities maintenance and machine research while achieving considerable cost savings through improved efficiency.  She also worked closely with environmental regulators to establish Title V air permit calculation factors based on  engine certifications  and has worked with manufacturing facilities to achieve compliance with the US Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and hazardous materials requirements.

Ms. Ludewig served as Project Manager for an EU-funded Intelligent Manufacturing System Research Consortium using Smart Embedded Systems on Caterpillar machinery in Grenoble, France.  She led a life cycle management program that accessed life cycle impacts of various industrial processes and products.  Pat is a skilled facilitator and has been formally trained to support the dissemination of technology and innovation.  She is also a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional.

Ms. Ludewig holds a B.S. in Medical Technology from West Liberty State College where she graduated Cum Laude.  She also holds a M.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Illinois, Springfield.

Patricia Ludewig
Senior Project Manager

For over 30 years, Ms. Patricia (Pat) Ludewig has excelled at managing programs and projects associated with regulatory compliance, risk assessment, life cycle assessment, intelligent manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing.  She is particularly skilled at developing and implementing strategies that provide compliance while also achieving competitive advantage through increased efficiency and productivity.   Her versatility and diverse skills have enabled her to excel within University, hospital and global Fortune 100 environments.