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We work with clients to develop and implement innovative practices and strategies that improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the customer’s entire enterprise.  We accomplish this by helping customers research, assess, and implement innovations that 1) prevent all forms of waste, 2) improve quality and safety of processes and products, 3) optimize system components and their interactions, and 4) restore value to degraded assets.  We have achieved a great deal of success using this approach in both corporate and operational functions, including:

  • Corporate: 
    strategy, risk, human resources, research and product development

  • Operations:
    supply chain, manufacturing, quality, logistics, dealerships and customer processes

Core competencies include business sustainability, innovation, systems optimization, pollution prevention/waste minimization, energy efficiency, alternative energy, life cycle management, and circular economy development.  

​​Representative Clients

Waste Management                         Ernst & Young                          

US Army Corps of Engineers             ComEd

Houghton Chemical                         University of Illinois

Caterpillar Inc.                                Accenture

Macquarie                                      Serra Ventures